philosophy Philosophy
  • “For cities. For people.” We chose this motto because it succinctly expresses our corporate philosophy. We seek to work in partnership with cities – our innovative street furniture enhances the quality of life in urban spaces. Simultaneously, we offer advertisers a wide range of innovative outdoor advertising media, from traditional billboards to interactive technologies.

  • We are driven by a desire to set new trends in street furniture and digital outdoor advertising. That’s why we always emphasise superior materials, harmonious design, refined functionality and state-of-the-art technology. The result is street furniture and advertising surfaces that meet the highest quality standards. Our products harmonise with the built environment, and are of long-term practical value for residents.

  • Our core values – quality, innovation and commitment – are also the foundation of our success as a company. Yet our commitment to the highest standards goes beyond our business activities. We’re also dedicated to corporate social responsibility – when and wherever the needs of cities and citizens are at issue.