24.07.2013 Şirket Ramadan Dinner
Wall, met with ad agencies in Istanbul and Konya

Wall, met with ad agencies in Istanbul and Konya
 We wanted to get together and create synergy with the ad agencies, advertisers and the municipality contacts in İstanbul and Konya for this year's Ramadan fast-breaking dinner with the new Wall CEO Ömer Bilgiseven.


We hosted the industry leaders and representatives at our two elegant Ramadan dinners; July 24th Wednesday in Konya and July 31st Wednesday in Istanbul.


In addition to the local ad agencies and advertisers, representatives from  Konya Metropolitan Municipality were also present at our Ramadan dinner at Konya Dedeman Hotel. 300 guests expressed their appreciation for a chance to get together for the first Ramadan dinner with Turkish classical music in Konya and Wall’s interest and support in the city.


At the Istanbul dinner, global and local media planning agency managers and directors were present enjoying the beauties of Bosphorus at the Feriye Restaurant. The dinner organized by Wall Sales and Marketing Department hosted around 100 guests. The guests enjoyed a very nice fast-breaking meal and had a chance to interact with each other.


We strongly believe in the effectiveness of these communication channels with the ad agencies and our customers to form permanent bonds and we are receiving very good feedback.

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