21.04.2014 Şirket Education is a fundamental right!
Wall City Design is making use of advertisers’ used outdoor posters to cover the education costs of our children.


İstanbul, April 25th, 2014. In a joint project with Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey, recycling the used outdoor posters that will be brought to Wall’s storage facilities will help cover the education costs of 300 children each year.While the education costs are being covered, the valuable recycled poster paper will be returned to the nature.

Waste paper is not garbage!

1.5 ton used posters delivered to Wall’s İkitelli storage facility will be sent immediately for recycling and the collected money will be used for the education of our children, the future of our nation.

Our biggest responsibility is to Nature and Children

Wall, acting responsibly and working toward its mission of leaving behind a livable planet, will continue its social responsibility projects focused on the development of children,the youth and cultural activities.

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